The last weekend of ‘Your Body, Your Guide’ was on March 30 and 31 at Smara Siddhi. In two weekends participants followed a liberating flow through the chakras from bottom to top. By doing different exercises related to the body (bodywork), main issues related with each chakra were discovered, explored and healed.

The first weekend, 16 and 17 March, our journey started with the three lower chakras. Within these journey of our body we crossed the elements earth, water and fire. Related we individually  found the basics around our mode of survival, emotions, sexuality and power. The journey continued with the exploration of the heart chakra, on Saturday the second weekend.  The heart chakra is the balancing point of the 3 lower and 3 upper chakras, the place where the upward path of liberation frees itself from form and the downward path of manifestation manifest concrete what was first abstract. On the last day of our journey we let our body guide us through aspects of sound, light and thought. Giving us a liberating experience of the major factors that are coloring our lives such as communication, creativity, imagination, wisdom, knowledge and spirituality.

To make contact with the intelligence of our body, we started each day with a connecting yogaserie. In order to go deeper into the body we did various series of partner work such as  Resonance Touch. The resonance touch  exercise, as we practiced it, consisted of  listening with our hands. During this listening  a new creative (pure) form of communication could start. It can be seen as a loving and soft way of massage in which you make use of a soft vibration. Depending on the chakra this was followed by forms of bodywork and exercises derived from the practices of subbody Butoh and Healing Tao. To finish this journey (flow) we ended with a Five Rhythms wave, inspired by ‘Gabrielle Roth’. The breaks were mostly in silence to make it more easy to stay connected with the sensations of the body, which can tell us so much about ourselves if we learn (make the effort) to listen.

Even though two weekends (which you could also follow separate) is quite short, I have the feeling the participants went deep into their bodies. Most of the participants reasons to join the workshop was to release  minds mental obsession and open it to the wisdom of the body. It was a big advantage that all participants were already engaged in personal development through NLP courses.

At the end the participants shared a lot of beautiful feedback. One of the participants said to have gone through a rebirth. This was also confirmed by the spiritual cards we were using during the last weekend.

That Smara Sidhi stimulates and facilitates this kind of workshops is not surprising. The name Smara Siddhi is derived from Sanskriet an old language used in ancient  India. The Sanskrit  language is the language in which for the first the yoga and the chakra system were written. You can  translate Smara Siddhi as our power for self development so we can remember who we really are, free from the incorrect scripts we have about ourselves. ‘Your body, your guide’ has shown a powerful tool and opportunity on this path to self development. I don’t feel it was  totally coincidence that the completion of this workshop series was on First Easter day. As it is said  Easter is the party of spiritual awakening; Rebirth!

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The end of me and you?


Some believe 21st of December will be The End of the World. For sure it will be the last day of the exhibition of the artist Sola at Club Diario de Ibiza (

For this special occasion and inspired by this special date Aida Miro ( and I are making a dance piece that we will perform there at 8 o’clock that evening.

We are both practitioners of Butoh dance (, an art form which arose in the ’60 in Japan with Tatsumi Hijikata. It was part of a broader Avantgarde movement which, after the atom bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, revolted against modern society.

What do you think about the predictions of the end of the world? Do you believe something terrible will happen on that date?

There is a lot of speculation on the internet about this date and the prophecies of the Maya’s. I heard that some people here on Ibiza don’t want to go out of their houses that day and that some are going to special places here like Atlantis and the point where you can see Es Vedra.

In our Butoh piece it is not the end of me and you. We explore the transition from on old way of living to a new way. From heaviness to lightness, from depression to a clear decision. A decision for reaching out, through the inner process of creation.

Maybe, when the 21st is not The end of me and you, it is a good date to start questioning ourselves who am I, who are you? An answer not to be told, but to be experienced in different ways.

When you are already doing that there will be a good change that you are also dancing tomorrow, as you dance every day in every way.

Dance, dance otherwise we are lost, Pina Bausch would say.

XXX Natasja

Art Catwalk Ibiza

My butoh sister Gio, with whom I danced Rhizome, sent me a message that Aída Miró was from Ibiza and that we have to meet. Aída was the year after me, in 2012, at the Subbody Institute in India. During our first meeting Aída asked me to participate in a piece she was creating for an yearly organized art catwalk. Even though we never danced together we could resonate easily. I have found another Butoh sister and creating the piece was a lot of fun! We went to Formentera, where we camped in nature and met Daira, the designer for the costume. We met Aída at an very special  and old olive tree for rehearsal. There we saw her painting paradise for the first time and we met Minouche, also a painter living in Ibiza. Minouche made the painting of a B-boy, which was perfect for Said, who also joined as a dancer in the piece. It made the piece (Paradise) complete together with the beautiful music mix compilation from Stanley (Piyama). The performance photo’s are made by Kim Weston Arnold.

Ibiza Festival

Bloop, International Proactive Art Festival

An amazing festival, with many artists from all over the world. After we just moved to Ibiza, we walked by their headquarter in San Antonio. We met Giacomo, who organizes this event together with his brother Mateo (both Biokip). He was just hanging posters for the 45 days long festival, which was just about to start. We asked if we could participate with an performance of Natasjamoves (butoh dance) and Piyama (music). Giacomo was very open to the idea and after some visits we got the opportunity to share our art on sunday 5th, 19th and 31th of August. That is what proactive is all about. Just ask and it is given!



In the 3 months we lived in New York we met a lot of inspiring artists. One of them is Abigail Geraldine, a photographer. We did a collaboration together and shared our work with each other by giving the experience of what our work is about. One day she experienced a session of bodywork in which I combine butoh, yoga and transpersonal counseling. Another day she did a video and photo shoot with me in the beautiful Propekt Park.  To see all photos, go to The Silent Infinite.